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Alerton Energy DashboardTM

Energy Dashboard Edit

Live Real-time Building Data at a Glance:


The Alerton Building Suite Energy Dashboard displays live, real-time building data at a glance.  The dashboard bolsters your green efforts in concert with a comprehensive sustainability program, and helps you change the behavior of tenants and visitors by making them stakeholders in energy decisions.



LEED Support:


A dashboard must provide permanent educational disploys illustrating one of the green building categories.  The Alerton Building SuiteTM Energy Dashboard supports your own LEED and green initiatives.


Keep Your Own Data:


The Alerton building SuiteTM Energy Dashboard hosts your own data onsite and keeps it within your reach and control.


Interactive Displays:


Display the Alerton Energy Dashboard on a standard high-resolution computer screen and interact with it using a mouse.  Or, optimize user interaction with site data by displaying BACKtalk information on a touch screen monitor.


Customization for Every Screen:


The Dashboard Configurator enables you to define a variety of data and easily customize the dashboard with weather information, images, icons, colors, and even your own messaging and visual branding.  You enjoy customization without the customization expense.


Lower Install and Operating costs:


There is no need for third-party configuration and there are no subscription fees to keep it running.